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As an authoring tool, ClickHelp is easy to use and highly efficient. It can meet the needs of a small company but is scalable and full-featured enough to meet the needs of large corporations with multiple authors and departments.

ClickHelp employees believe in their product and stand behind it. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

—Jennifer Thompson
Technical Product Manager

I'd like to take a minute to say how much I appreciate the help you have provided. The assistance you provided was accurate, detailed and very timely. My expectations based on past experience with other vendors was that I may very well be get short unhelpful answers and be pointed to documentation since my issue wasn't "break" related. For you to walk me through my issues as well as provide screen shots where applicable was fantastic. I greatly appreciate your time and effort.

—Mike Brassard
Systems and Network Engineer
Constituo Software LLC

You guys are the best! It’s rare to have a software vendor implement suggestions, and even more rare to get feedback when they do. Kudos on such excellent service. Thank you!!

—Eileen Howald
Relyence Corporation

ClickHelp Tech Support is one of the best user support teams I've worked with. The team's responses are timely, professional, and very useful. My issues are usually resolved with a single email, but the team also always follows up when I need additional assistance. Many thanks for your quality service!

—Lauren Meyer
Senior Technical Writer
Skyword Inc.

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Publish as online help, PDF, HTML5 WebHelp, DOCX, eBook

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Time is money. Learn what ClickHelp is in 3 minutes. Watch our documentation tool videos to see product features and save your time.

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To share our experience and knowledge, ClickHelp team creates awesome content for technical writers, web designers and software developers. We create user manual templates, guides on technical writing, ebooks on web design and more - see free downloads below.

ClickHelp - Built to Offer Solutions

Tired of manually handling 10 versions of a Word document?
Document variations are easy to implement by using Variables, Conditional Content and Publish Configurations. You can get different content for every of the output formats. Use the content management functions of ClickHelp to make the process easier and save time.
Need single-sourcing, but afraid of structured authoring and DITA?
In your tasks, you can use just what is really needed. Often, there is no need to use complicated structured authoring approaches to implement single-sourcing. In ClickHelp, you can get the same benefits with the use of WYSIWYG and HTML source authoring.
Did you ever lose changes when collectively working on a document?
That happens to the best of us. The topic-based authoring approach with automatic document locking improves the collaboration and teamwork for technical writers. This helps get things done easier and quicker.
Do you feel that "See this help topic" is a typical answer of your tech support?
Nowadays, people search for answers on the Internet. Your task is to make sure they can find your content to get the answers. The SEO functionality of ClickHelp is an easy way to start addressing this need.
Having trouble understanding the progress of your documentation project?
The project statistics ClickHelp collects is an easy way to get the answers you need. You will see the overall project readiness, the people assigned the highest number of topics, and more. Using this information, you can find bottlenecks and balance the load.

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