What is Society for Technical Communication

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All technical writers know the abbreviation STC. Yes, its the Society for Technical Communication. Wikipedia says that STC is the largest organization of its type in the world.

So, we have decided to describe the STC briefly for all who havent heard about it.


The main purpose of the Society is the development of technical communication and connection of numerous professionals worldwide. More than 18,000 members are included in STC.

Specialists are familiar with STCs magazine, newsletter, Technical Communication Summit, conferences and seminars, books and groups in social network services.

The main activities are:

  • technical writing, including technical writing software
  • consulting
  • graphic arts
  • information architecture
  • software development
  • technical illustration
  • usability
  • visual and web design.


1953 - the Society of Technical Writers and the Association of Technical Writers and Editors are founded in the USA.

1957 - STW and ATWE merged into Society of Technical Writers and Editors.

1960 - the Society of Technical Writers and Publishers was founded by integration of STWE and the Technical Publishing Society.

1971 the organization got its present name, the Society for Technical Communication.


The company is headquartered in Fairfax (USA, Virginia). But there are numerous branches in other states and countries, including European and Asian.

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